NASA Commemorates Historic “First Mennonite on the Moon”


NASA paused for moment of silence this morning in recognition of the 50 year anniversary of the historic landing of Mennonites on the moon. Mennonites made the voyage in 1969 and have been inhabiting a remote colony up there ever since.

“That’s one small step for a Menno, one giant leap for Mennonite-kind,” said astronaut Kathy Voth Cullen, as she stepped onto the moon. “Let me tell you, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”

The historic Mennonite moon landing took place in the late 60s, during a time of turbulence and unrest in the United States. This social upheaval sent many Mennonites looking for a new home.

“It can be a little chilly,” said Voth Cullen. “But it’s nothing compared to a winter in Goessel, Kansas. Plus everyone here speaks fluent Low German.”

Children everywhere have been told about the legendary Mennonite on the moon, and some believe that if you look at the moon on a clear night and squint just right you can see the Mennonite on the Moon smiling right back at you.


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