Mexican Mennonite Purchases Snowmobile, Prays for White Christmas


After his cousins Pieta and Johan extolled the virtues of a snowy white Christmas, Guillermo Krahn of Cuauhtemoc decided to purchase a snowmobile and have it shipped down to Mexico in anticipation of a winter that never came. That was in 2010.

“We don’t get much snow in the desert,” said Krahn. “My frintschoft up in Canada are always posting photos on Instagram of all their winter adventures. Looks like a lot of fun. Except Pieta had some nasty frostbite on his ears. That was a picture I didn’t need to see.”

Krahn has got his sled all tuned up, but, so far, he has been unable to use it.

“I tried it out on the field once. Killed a few rattlesnakes,” explained Krahn. “But I’m really hoping this is the year I’ll be able to use the thing properly yet.”

The Chihuahua region does get snow on occasion, but usually, Krahn explains, it only arrives after the unceasing prayers and fasting of the local Mennonite population.

“And by the time the evening service is over, it’s gone,”  said Krahn, “but this year I’ll be ready.”

Krahn has also purchased something called a “toque,” which his cousins say is absolutely necessary during a white Christmas.

“I must say, it looks pretty ridiculous,” said Krahn. “You Canadian Mennonites are a pretty crazy bunch.”

(photo credit: The Animal Day/CC)

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