Mennonite Woman Puts Her Name on Margarine Container to Make Sure She Gets it Back


After having experienced a number of traumatic situations where she didn’t get her used margarine containers back, Mrs. Penner of Grunthal made sure to carefully write her name on each and every container she brought to the church faspa this week.

“Last time, one of the Wiebes tossed it in the trash! Can you believe it!” exclaimed Penner. “It took me months to use up enough margarine to get myself another container.”

In addition to writing her name on all her containers, Mrs. Penner made sure to snatch it out of Mrs. Wiebe’s hands just as soon as the last of the marshmallow salad had been scooped out onto the plate.

“Next thing you know my margarine containers will be at the MCC for a dollar a piece!” said Mrs. Penner. “You can never be too careful when it comes to margarine containers!”

Unfortunately for Mrs. Penner she had only written “Mrs. Penner” on the containers, which led to some confusion.

“Mrs. H. Penner claimed them as her own! So did Mrs. P. Penner! The nerve of those women!” said Mrs. Penner. “Besides, everyone knows they only use No Name brand margarine!”

After Mr. Letkemen, the church Women’s Ministry co-ordinator, stepped in, the ownership of the margarine containers was decided by a Bible sword drill, which allowed Mrs. Penner, who has all of Ecclesiastes and half of Psalms memorized, the chance to reclaim her containers.

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