Mennonite Woman Begins Each Morning with Devotions and the Daily Bonnet


Church-going local woman Brenda Claasen begins each morning with the reading of a Psalm and a Daily Bonnet article or two.

“It’s become part of my morning routine. I brew myself a cup of fair trade coffee from Ten Thousand Villages, read Romans 1, and then cleanse my palate with a couple Daily Bonnet articles,” said Claasen. “They’re not always funny, but they remind me of my childhood.”

Claasen is planning to petition her local Mennonite church to absolve her sins and obligation to teach Sunday School if she promises to keep up this ritual.

“By now it’s a sacrament: foot-washing, Welch’s, and a few minutes reading Mennonite satire,” said Claasen. “It makes up for the fact I don’t spell my surname correctly.”

Claasen plans to continue this ritual until the day the Lord blesses her with a husband.

“I’ve been reading Daniel and the Daily Bonnet for months now,” said Claasen. “If I don’t snag myself a Peter Friesen, I’ll be very disappointed.”

There were no Peter Friesens in church that Sunday.

(photo credit: eflon/CC)

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