Mennonite Marriage Counselor Advises Cousins to Stay Together


Mr. and Mrs. Wiebe have been on the rocks for quite some time and have finally decided to seek cousin counselling. Thankfully, it looks like the relationship can be saved, thanks to the intervention of Pastor Wiebe, also a cousin.

“You two have to work things out?” said Pastor Wiebe. “I mean who else are you going to marry? Cousin Dave? Cousin Tina? Nah, you two need to work it out yet.”

Mr. and Mrs. Wiebe say the problems started long before they were married.

“Grandma always favoured Uncle Henry’s children,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “I think that gave my husband the idea that he was king of the cousins or something!”

After a number of counselling sessions, the couple looks like they’ve worked things out.

“We’ve got to stay together, at least until the second-cousins are out of the house,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “After Sarah graduates, then we’ll see if Mr. Wiebe and I still want to be more-than-just-cousins.”

For now it looks like things are harmonious in the Wiebe household, although tensions always rise during the holiday season when they see Grandma again. You know how she is.

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