Mennonite Woman Feeds Entire Family for a Week on One Little Caesars Pizza


Area woman Tammy Dueck has perfected the art of making one Little Caesars pizza feed her growing family of 8 for an entire week.

“I send one piece along with Dan for his work lunches,” says Dueck. “What happens after that is up to him. He’s got to take it from there.”

The other pieces are cut into thin slices and divided between the kids.

“As for myself,” says Dueck. “I can usually make do with a few leftover crusts.”

Dueck’s magic with Little Caesars has been compared to the miracles of the loaves and fishes.

“It helps if I get a pizza with pineapple on it,” said Dueck. “The kids are really picky eaters.”

After mastering the art of making pizza last forever, Dueck is now shifting her efforts to making a single jar of pickles last one whole faspa.

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