Mennonite Child Forced to Miss ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ to Attend Evening Service


Collin Berg, 7, of Mitchell, Manitoba had to miss The Wonderful World of Disney yet again this weekend in order to attend the EMBC faspa and evening service.

“Now I’ll never know what happens to The Apple Dumpling Gang!” sobbed young Collin. “This is a bad as last month when I only saw the second half of Herbie Goes Bananas.”

Collin’s father Earl says there are more important things than finding out what happens to Pete’s Dragon or the Snowball Express.

“Besides, Mr. Boogedy always gives them nightmares,” said Earl, “and they’re usually more than ready for a good night’s sleep after one of Pastor Don’s sermons and a few slices of marble cheese.”

Collin is begging his dad to let him set the VCR to record The Flight of the Navigator next week but Earl says the VCR can only be used for high quality children programming like Son of Flubber and The Shaggy DA.

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