Meet the Man Your Mom Wanted You to Marry


If you had only just done what your mother wanted you to do and married Mr. Friesen’s son Peter, oh, but just look where you would have ended up.

“Instead of living in some weltlijch city like Winnipeg where you work in the marketing, whatever that is,” said Mom, “you could have been back here in Silberfeld baking buns and giving me grandchildren like a proper Mennonite woman.”

According to your mother, Peter is still on the market so if anything goes south between you and that Enjelsch man you’re with, there’s still a chance with Pete.

“He’s got a third barn now,” Mom said. “Plus, wouldn’t you like to be a little bit closer to home?”

Mom is very adamant that she would have selected a much better spouse for you…and one who spoke Low German yet.

“I can’t even communicate properly with my current son-in-law,” said Mom. “At least with Peter I can schwautse about the chickens and such.”

Mom says she loves you very much but just can’t figure out where on Earth you got your ideas about men and living in cities because that certainly is not the way she raised you.

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