McDonalds Worker is Only Going to Call Your Freakin’ Number One More Time Before She Just Eats it All Herself Already


Local McDonald’s employee Sarah Buhler says she’s calling order number 2101 just one more time before she goes into the break room and just eats it all herself already.

“Order number 2101. Your order’s ready,” said Buhler repeatedly for the past 40 minutes. “That’s order 2101. 2101 please.”

The calls, however, went completely disregarded and Buhler says she isn’t going to wait around all day.

“Are you 2101?” said Buhler to one man who turned out to be number 808. “Okay, that’s enough. Diane, we’ve got some McNuggets to eat.”

Buhler says she went all over the store, inquiring at each table and says she can’t figure out why someone would abandon their own order.

“In the end, it’s more free chicken nuggets for me,” said Buhler. “It’s just too bad number 2101 didn’t order any sweet and sour sauce.”

Customer number 2101 reportedly showed up some three hours later and was super mad that no one had came and got him at the hardware store to let him know his order was ready.

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