Hog Farmer Unconcerned About ChatGPT, Says He’s Been Using AI for Years


Local hog farmer Steve Siemens says he really doesn’t know what the big deal is about this ChatGPT he’s been hearing about, as he’s been using AI for years already.

“We’ve been doing AI at the farm here since the 70s,” said Siemens. “I guess it just took those city slickers that long to catch up.”

Siemens says he has produced a lot of weanlings over the years using AI technology and never once had to consult the internet to do it.

“It comes in a box and we just take it from there,” said Siemens. “Not sure why people have to do absolutely everything on a computer these days.”

Siemens says he’s going to continue using AI the old-fashioned manual way and doesn’t see any need for a change.

“If the sows are happy, I’m happy,” said Siemens. “No need to complicate things.”

Siemens says he already knows all there is to know about AI, and can’t for the life of him figure out how his son Jason is using AI to cheat on his essays.

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