MBers Dress as GCers for Halloween


In a move that shocked households throughout the region, a group of young MBers from Fresno decided to dress up as GCers for Halloween this year.

“I wanted to be scary…really scary,” said Maria Janzen, 24. “So I made my jeans a little tighter and held onto a climate strike sign as I paraded all over town.”

The MBers also walked around with small bowls of tepid water that they dumped on each other just before yelling “Trick or Treat.”

“We really shocked Mr. Toews,” said Janzen. “Non-dunking baptisms really give him the creeps.”

The MBers, masquerading as GCers, uttered slightly more liberal theological views, as they knocked on doors in Fresno.

“The scariest thing though was when we sang the GC version of ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow,'” said Janzen. “We had more doors slammed on us than I’ve seen since my missions trip in my junior year of college.”

In other news, a group of GCers decided to dress as Kleine Gemeinde this Halloween, which means they weren’t participating at all.

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