Mennonite Woman Hires Connor Hellebuyck to Strain Her Potatoes


Winnipeg Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck has been in high demand with local Mennonite women, who have been hiring him to strain their potatoes and other items for the past couple months.

“He’s a better sieve than anything else I’ve got in my pantry,” said Mrs. Fehr. “His holes are so huge, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using the colander Henry gave me last Christmas.”

At six million a year Hellebuyck sieve services do not come cheap, but local cooks say it’s worth the price.

“Mrs. Loewen’s used him. Mrs. Peters hired him last weekend. Even Mrs. Schellenberg is getting in on the action,” explained Mrs. Fehr. “I mean when you want to drain the water from your potatoes or chokecherries there’s no better choice!”

Mrs. Fehr says she’s also considering hiring the rest of the team to bring her trash out to the street on Tuesday mornings.

“Especially the defensemen,” said Mrs. Fehr. “They seem pretty skilled for the job.”

(photo credit: MoToMo/CC)

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