Graduated Licensing Program Adds New ‘Winkler Driver’ Stage Below ‘Learner’


The Pembina Valley Department of Motor Vehicles has added a new stage to their four stage graduated license called the “Winkler Driver” stage, which is just before Learner stage.

“We implemented the graduated license program about twenty years ago,” said PVDMV chair Mr. Wiebe, “but we found that the sixteen-year-olds with their nervous Dads in the passenger seat consistently outdrove the average Winklerite, so we knew we had to make a change.”

Those with the Winkler Driver designation will be required to have signage indicating their stage in the rear window.

“We’re also asking Winkler Drivers to deploy their airbags ahead of time,” said Klassen. “You know, for safety.”

Winkler Drivers license holders will also be permitted to drive only on Sunday afternoons after church and not above 30 kms an hour.

“You’re also allowed to got to Ralph’s at four in the afternoon,” said Klassen. “Otherwise, you’re going to need at least a teenager with a learner’s permit in the seat next to you giving you guidance.”

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