Golf Course Features Extra Big Holes to Make it Easier on New Golfers


The new Mitchell Links is reaching out to a new generation of golfers by featuring “holes so big even your Uncle Abe won’t miss it.”

The course holes have been expanded and now start at 15 feet in diameter and range up to 30 feet depending on the configuration.

“We’ve basically eliminated the green and just transformed it all into one big hole,” said golf pro Neil Martens. “We really don’t want anyone to go away discouraged.”

The new giant holes are already a hit with golfers, experienced or not.

“At first I thought they were making things a bit too easy,” said avid golfer Brittney Sawatzky. “But I must say it doesn’t feel so bad scoring 32 after 18 holes.”

Despite the large holes, it hasn’t stopped Mr. Klassen from hitting all his shots into the woods.

“We’ll always have Mennonite men in there searching for their lost balls,” said Martens. “But I’m just hoping these bigger holes will cut down their numbers a bit.”

Time slots at the Mitchell Links are already full for the next few weeks or at least until the new giant hole mini golf opens next door.

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