Electoral College Declares the West Side ‘Jantsied’


Despite overwhelming popular vote suggesting that the East Side was Jantsied, the Mennonite electoral colleges have decided that the West Side of the Red River is officially ‘Jantsied.’

“Some will say it’s not very democratic or fair,” said Mennonite political scientist Arnold Klassen, “but it’s the system we’ve got and there’s nothing we can do about it. The elders created it this way over a century ago and we’re not going to question the legitimacy of the tradition in any way.”

The Daily Bonnet poll showed that 56% of voters were in favour of calling the East Side ‘Jantsied’ but with the electoral college system, the popular vote is largely irrelevent.

“There are many historical reasons why we don’t decide things like this by a direct vote,” said Klassen. “The current system may be supremely flawed, but we’re Mennonites, so we don’t change things no matter how ineffective or archaic they are.”

The West Side of the Red River will officially be sworn-in as Jantsied in January.

(photo credit: by SarahPAC-USA/CC)

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