Thrift Stores All Out of Fur Coats After Streveler Signing


There were lineups outside thrift stores across the province this week after the Blue Bombers re-signed cigar-chomping fur-wearing quarterback Chris Streveler.

“I haven’t seen this kind of demand for used fur coats since the 70s,” said local thrift store manager Sheena Reimer. “The demand was so high we were able to charge upwards of six or even seven dollars for one.”

In line this week was diehard Bombers fan Neal Wiens.

“As a Mennonite, it’s against my religion to smoke cigars,” said Wiens. “But there’s nothing in the Scriptures to prevent me from sporting a nice warm used fur coat.”

Wiens managed to snag a garbage bag full of old fur coats from the 70s, which he plans to wear around the house during football games.

“Plus my wife Tina finds all this fur very appealing,” said Wiens. “I guess I’ll finally be able to shave.”

Tina says she’s fine with the fur coats but says her husband need not bother with the shave since she very much doubts he can reach around back like that.

(photo credit: by get directly down/CC)

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