Daring Mennonite Couple to Try Costco Farmer Sausage


This evening at faspa, the Wiebes of Vankla will be the first ever southern Manitobans to eat the farmer sausage that, apparently, you can get at Costco.

“Costco formarvorscht? I didn’t even know it gives such!” exclaimed Mr. Wiebe on a recent shopping trip to the city. “Nah, I don’t know about this. Where do they get this formavorscht? It doesn’t look like anything from the Rempel farm, let me tell you that!”

Despite some misgivings, the Wiebes just couldn’t pass up a good deal and so they pulled up the pickup truck around back, while Costco employees loaded the massive ring of former sausage with a fork lift.

“I guess this will last us for the weekend,” said Wiebe. “It’s really too bad they couldn’t make it a little bit bigger. And I have my doubts they’re using natural casings.”

The Wiebes are planning to try out the new Costco farmer sausage on all the cousins this evening, but Mr. Wiebe has his doubts it’ll fool anybody.

“They’re so used to the taste of Pioneer and Vankla that there’s no way they’d be fooled by this city formavorscht,” said Mr. Wiebe. “Except maybe for my cousin Earl. He’s been going to a GC church for a while, so I’m sure he’s lost his palate for farmer sausage.”

The Wiebes will report back next Sunday in the Sommerfelder lobby with the results. 

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