Beet Borscht or Murder Scene?


There was a brief moment on Sunday when Grunthal police thought they had stumbled upon the town’s first ever murder scene.

“We were really excited,” said Officer Krahn. “A murder in Grunthal! Finally some real crime to solve. By the looks of it there was quite the struggle. Blood everywhere. On the walls, on the floor, on the kitchen table. The perpetrator seems to have made no effort to cover his tracks.”

As soon as the spilled beet borscht was discovered, local police roped off the crime scene and kept the public at bay.

“Keep back,” called Officer Krahn to the curious residents who gathered at the scene on Froese Road. “We’ve got a serious investigation here!”

Krahn said he had considered calling in the forensics team from Winnipeg to investigate the splatter patterns and possibly test the borscht for DNA.

“It was going so well. There I was being a ‘real cop’ doing ‘real cop’ things, just like you see on television,” explained Krahn. “That was until old Mrs. Unrau spoiled it all.”

When Mrs. Urau revealed the true source of the gruesome-looking scene, Krahn and his police pals sulked in disbelief.

“Borscht? You’re saying this whole mess is borscht?” stammered Krahn. “It’s too bad, really. I guess we’ll have to wait until chicken butchering season before I can mistake something for murder again.”

(photo credit: by tpower1983 )

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