Area Woman Gets a Brand New Pair of ‘Mennonite High Heels’


After Tara Wiens, 31, of Burwalde took a shortcut to church this week, traipsing through a muddy field, she found she had managed to snag herself a fancy new pair of Mennonite High Heels.

“Oba, I don’t even need to go to the shoe store now,” said Wiens. “I’ve miraculously transformed these Chucks into stilettos.”

Wiens plans to wear her new Mennonite Stilettos at a number of upcoming events including her younger brother’s graduation from Northland Parkway Collegiate and her sister’s upcoming wedding to Darryl Ens.

“I think all the Wienses will be wearing their Mennonite High Heels,” said Wiens. “It’s a formal event after all.”

Wiens is planning to get her husband Dan a pair of Mennonite high heels, too, though he claims there’s no need.

“I’ve got a pair already,” said Dan, proudly displaying his Air Jordans-cum-Menno-Jimmy-Choos. “It didn’t take more than five or ten minutes with the hogs to do it.”

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