Steinbachers Excited to Have “Shots at the Legion”


Ever since it was announced that the old Legion Building on Elm would be the spot of a new vaccine supersite, Steinbachers have been eager to book their time to go for shots at the legion.

“Partay!” yelled 21-year-old Kyle Peters. “Time to round up the boys and go for shots!”

For many years the Legion was the only place in town where one could have shots and, even then, you had to be a member.

“So glad they’re opening it up for everyone like this,” said Peters. “I’m just hoping they have the top shelf stuff.”

Luckily for Peters, the Steinbach supersite will, in fact, be providing the Pfizer vaccine.

“Man, I’m sure glad I don’t have to drive all the way out to Friedensfeld or something to have shots,” said Peters. “This is going to be epic!”

As confused as Peters may be, it seems he has unwittingly stumbled on some kernel of truth as his future ability to “partay” with reckless abandon does, in fact, rely heavily on him and his buddies having shots at the legion.

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