Study Suggest Satire is 20% Funnier When Drunk


A new study out of the University of Central Kitchener shows that satire is a fully twenty percent funnier after readers have had more than four drinks.

“The problem with the Daily Bonnet is that all the readers are tee-totallers,” explained professor Arlene Froese. “They’d find it a lot more amusing if they’d have a few White Russians.”

The study asked participants to read articles from various satire websites and rate their amusement after one, two, three, and four intoxicating beverages.

“People were finding it more and more amusing as we went along,” said Froese. “I mean, after five IPAs, they were even finding humour in Breitbart.”

Critics of the study say that it’s simply pointing out the obvious, but those critics clearly haven’t had enough to drink.

(photo credit: by LaurenDaveyx/CC)

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