Kansas Man Caught Stuffing His Own Bierock


Area man Abe Miller, 37, was caught red handed this afternoon with a spoonful of bierock stuffing.

“He had the dough all rolled out and everything,” said his disappointed wife Anne. “He even had the cabbage chopped up and ready to go.”

Miller says he’s been stuffing his own bierock for quite some time, but didn’t want his wife to find out.

“Hers is pretty good,” said Miller. “But she never puts enough carroway in it. I just didn’t have the heart to tell her.”

Miller says he welcomes the chance to involve his wife in the process, but only if she sticks to the recipe.

“Got this from the Goessel Community Cookbook of 1953,” said Miller. “I think everyone should stuff a bierock at least once in their lives.”

Miller’s freshly-stuffed bierock will be on sale at the church bake sale this Saturday afternoon.

(photo credit: BreMHK/CC/Wikicommons)

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