Mennonite Man Empties Swear Jar to Support ‘My Coins Count’


The kids at Hillside Mennonite Church in Winnipeg got an unexpected influx of coins during the ‘My Coins Count’ fundraiser this week. The surge in coinage is all thanks to Mr. Baerg and his penchant for swearing a little too much.

Diewel, that’s a lot of coins,” said little Susie Martens as she emptied her jar into the big bucket at the front of the sancutary. “Mensch ekj saj! What are we going to do with all this money!”

With the ‘My Coins Count’ song playing in the background, the sound of clinking coins was barely audible … that is until they reached Mr. Baerg’s aisle.

Schwiena’rie! He dumped in a whole jar of coins in there,” said little Susie. “Quarters. Loonies. Toonies. That Mr. Baerg sure does a lot of swearing. I’m not sure why they let him stay on as a Sunday School teacher.”

By the time she’d reached the front with the coins, little Susie was completely fluent in Low German profanity, even the really bad ones like Schinda, Schiet, and Waut de Schissjat.

It didn’t help that the homemade plastic contraption used to collect the coins needed a little finessing and a lot more duct tape, which resulted in a giant mound of coins spilling out into the first few aisles.

“Even Pastor Dave was swearing after that,” said Susie’s mother Lois. “I wish she didn’t learn all these new words, but at least the money goes to a good cause.”

Mr. Baerg says the kids have nothing to worry about, as he is certain to have a whole new jar completely filled with coins by next Sunday.

(photo credit: Images/CC)

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