Steinbach Man Waits 3 Years for Bus that Never Comes


Area man Al Dueck, 42, sat down on what he thought was a bus stop on Brandt Street, only to discover that it was merely a bench with no apparent purpose.

“Too bad it took me three years to figure it out,” said Dueck. “I thought at first that I just missed the 9 o’clock. But, sadly, that 9 o’clock never came.”

After about 35 months, Dueck figured, “Oba, there must be a bus schedule around here somewhere,” but didn’t want to vacate his seat and risk losing his spot in line.

“At one point back about 6 months ago I thought the bus had finally arrived,” said Dueck, “but it turned out just to be one of those Barkman Concrete trucks.”

Dueck says he’s confused as to why there would be a bench facing the street with no bus, but apparently doesn’t know anything about popular local pastimes.

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