Man Buys Over a Million Dollars in Co-op Gas Just to Get a Huge Dividend Cheque


Area man Jeremy Thiessen used the equity on his chicken farm to buy over a million dollars of fuel at the local Co-op this past year, hoping for a really awesome dividend cheque in spring.

“I haven’t figured out the precise amount, but I’m sure my cheque will be a few thousand dollars,” said Thiessen. “It’ll be the biggest cheque I’ve ever got.”

Thiessen said he drove around rural Manitoba just to “waste gas” so that he could fill up again. He also resorted to filling jerry cans at every opportunity.

“Even with gas prices as high as they are, it’s not as easy to buy a million dollars in gas as you might think,” said Thiessen. “You really really really have to be trying.”

Thiessen plans to spend the refund cheque on a new X-Box and a few games.

“I’m sure looking forward to cashing that cheque and going on a spending spree,” said Thiessen. “I’ve been pinching my pennies, but I think it’s time I splurged a little and spent some money on myself for once.”

(Photo credit: by feserc/CC)

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