Liberals and NDP Merge to form “Giant Scary Socialist Robot from Outer Space”


The Canadian government has undergone a transformation this week and is now under the control of a huge ugly socialist robot from outer space.

“OMG! Look, it’s Socialist Prime!” tweeted concerned citizen Mr. Poetker. “We’re going to have to do everything we can to defeat this monster and by that, I mean, get out the vote in the next election.”

Socialist Prime plans to terrorize Canadians with affordable daycare and a federal pharmacare program.

“Get to your shelters! Quick,” yelled Mr. Poetker in a panic. “Cheap prescription drugs! Ahhh. Run for your lives!”

Poetker’s main concern, however, was the increased taxes.

“How are we going to resurface the church lot and expand the gymnasium?” wondered Poetker. “My only consolation with this whole thing is at that at least this Socialist Prime fellow is in charge and not someone really scary like Justin Trudeau.”

(photo credit: Andrew Milligan sumo/CC)

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