Body Odour to be Bottled and Sold as ‘Eau de Menno’ Cologne


The body odour of dozens of hard-working Mennonite men has been extracted using a special process and been used to create a brand new cologne, which will be marketed and sold as Eau de Menno this summer.

“We’re optimistic about the sales,” says perfumer Sally Loewen. “It has a hint of onion and a touch of stale sweat. We’re thinking it will be hit with all the Mennos with desk jobs who want to smell like a Mennonite man should.”

Eau de Menno will be offered in a convenient glass spray bottle for $34.99.

“Just one spritz leaves the wearer smelling like really bad BO all day,” said Loewen. “We’re hoping to outsell Axe within the year.”

The company is also working on an extra-special Eau de Menno 2.0 that will offer consumers the same Menno aroma with a hint of manure-caked rubber boots.

“If Eau de Menno is not enough for you, we’ve added some fragant cow patties into the mix just for you,” said Loewen. “So, whatever kind of Mennonite you want to smell like, we’ve got the cologne for you.”

(photo credit: by Roshinth/CC)

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