MBer Charges the Stage After GCer’s Mennonite Joke Goes Terribly Wrong


The tri-annual MB-GC ecumenical service and plautz awards were going smoothly this Sunday until Mr. Goertzen got up on stage and took a cheap shot at the MBers in the audience.

“What do you call an MBer at Tim Hortons?” said Mr. Goertzen, waiting for a reply. “A dunker! Get it? Get it?”

The joke did not go over well to MBer, Mr. Rempel, however, who stormed the stage and had Mr. Goertzen in a stranglehold before the non-violent crisis intervention team took charge.

“The Bible clearly says, ‘He came up out of the water!'” yelled Mr. Rempel! “‘He came up out of the water!'”

Mr. Goertzen was willing to concede that Mr. Rempel’s interpretation had some validity and promised never to joke about MBers again.

The two groups then held hands and each sang “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” in their own way.

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