Italian Canadians Object to Trudeau’s New Carbonara Tax


There is growing opposition in Canada’s Italian population to the Trudeau government’s proposed ‘Carbonara Tax.’ According to experts, the new tax, will affect millions of Italians and lovers of Italian food across the country.

“A carbonara tax! How dare he!” shouted Mr. Esposito. “The cost of carbonara is already high enough without adding on some stupid tax!”

Guests at a local Olive Garden were equally perturbed by the tax.

“Nah, oba! What’s next, a tax on waffle sauce,” commented Mr. Friesen, who comes to the Waterloo Olive Garden every weekend with his wife Dorothy. “I don’t see any evidence that carbonara is polluting up the atmosphere.”

Despite the protests, the Prime Minister insists that a carbonara tax is the only thing that can save us from impending environmental disaster.

“The Little Italys of this country are churning out so much carbonara that something has to be done!” said Trudeau. “Either we tax carbonara, or we start driving electric cars – the choice is yours!”

Never wanting to jeopardize his popularity in the province of Quebec, Trudeau announced a huge incentive package for those willing to switch from carbonara to poutine gravy.

(photo credits: Mohammad Jangda and gaku/CC)

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