Donald Trump Proposes Gigantic Wall to Keep Out the Mennonites

In a recent interview with Fox News, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested that the best way to solve America’s problems is to build a giant wall to prevent the flow of Mennonites into the country.

“The Mennonites have got us surrounded,” Trump said to a crowd of supporters. “They’re in Mexico. They’re in Canada. My first priority as your President will be to get a wall built to keep those people out.”

As peace-loving people, Mennonites have not been Trump’s biggest supporters, and pundits have suggested this may be the reason he holds such animosity towards them.

“They’re not like us,” Trump said. “They dress funny. They eat strange food. And worst of all, they’re pacifists. If there’s one thing our country cannot tolerate, it’s people who believe there are other ways of solving our problems than bombing the hell out of people we don’t like.”

When asked about the Mennonites who are already in the country, Trump said they would be, “sent back to Mennovia or wherever they came from.”

Hillary Clinton called Trump’s remarks, “incredibly offensive,” and said she had many Mennonite friends, but when asked she couldn’t name a single one.

(photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC)

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