“Spicy” Mennonite Dish Consists Mostly of Dill


Those who say Mennonites don’t like spicy food obviously don’t know waut de schissjat they’re talking about. A case in point is Mrs. Doris Loeppky, who threw in more than a handful of dill into her borscht this week.

“Not to mention all the star anise,” said Loeppky. “I’m sure I’ll really have the grandchildren sweating from all the spice.”

However, Mrs. Loeppky is quite confident her family will be able to handle such bold flavours.

“My friend Barb wasn’t too sure about me spicing up the old recipes,” explained Loeppky. “But, you know, times have changed. Mennonites can tolerate a little spice these days.”

Loeppky’s dilly borscht has been rated just below zero on the famous Scoville Scale, which already places it as the spiciest dish ever created in Kleefeld, Manitoba.

“I can throw in some sour cream if it’s too hot for you,” said Loeppky. “But don’t ever say us Mennonites can’t handle our spice.”

Loeppky’s confidence soon disappeared, however, as her husband Harold was sweating from every pore after the very first spoonful.

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