Satire Sites to Post Real News Today


On April 1, satirical websites around the world take a break from their regular schedule of posting sarcastic or hyperbolic news and, for this one day, post real news items instead.

“It’s really nice to change it up and do some real journalism for once,” said Onion editor Cole Bolton. “All this satire day in and day out is just exhausting. Today, we’re sending a reporter to the White House and we’re going to find out what’s truly going on.”

April 1st offers readers who exclusively consume satirical news the chance to catch up on all that has been happening in the real world.

“We’re really excited that once a year people take the time to inform themselves about what’s actually going on,” said Bolton. “And we’re happy to be the ones to inform them.”

It’s also the one day a year when all the people who get confused by satire and think it’s real or who don’t know the Onion is fake will actually be correct.

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day,” said Bolton. “We’re glad to finally be able to give these people the satisfaction of being right about us.”

(photo credit: by *USB* )

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