Mennonite Woman Spends Ten Hours Trying to Figure Out Who Unfriended Her


Mrs. Rempel keeps pretty close track of her Facebook numbers, so when she saw her friends list drop from 189 to 188 earlier this week, she knew something was amiss.

“Jauma lied! This is outrageous. Who on earth would have unfriended me!” exclaimed a distraught Mrs. Rempel. “Well, I’ll get to the bottom of this!”

Mrs. Rempel normally posts a “very reasonable” six to eight times a day, usually with inspirational memes, recipes for soup, and pictures of her flower bed.

“Who doesn’t appreciate my posts!” said Mrs. Rempel scrolling through her remaining friends. “I can’t figure it out. “Let’s see now, Mrs. W. Wiebe is still here. Mrs. H.W. Wiebe, she’s still here. Mrs. B.M.W. Wiebe…hmmm….”

After ten hours of cross-referencing to the church directory to her friend’s list, she discovered the culprit.

“Ach, it was just old Mr. Klassen,” said Mrs. Rempel. “I never liked him much anyway. Nah yo, dan.”

Mrs. Rempel has reportedly been friend-requesting all the tellers at the local Penner Foods store in hope that someone will accept her request and return her numbers to their former glory.

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