Mennonite Woman Finds Romance in the Sausage Aisle at Zehrs


When Miss Susannah Wenger went shopping this past Wednesday in Kitchener, she never thought she’d meet the love of her life in the sausage aisle.

“There I was, perusing the wide variety of sausages, when out of nowhere, young handsome Noah Bauman walked into my life,” explained Miss Wenger. “I was a little overwhelmed with my choices in the sausage aisle and he just walked right up and confidently pointed out the good ones.”

Miss Wenger says she only makes it out to Zehrs on special occasions and was pleasantly surprised with the selection.

“This place has got everything!” exclaimed Miss Wenger. “Buns! Sausages! Even some eligible young Mennonite men!”

Noah Bauman is equally excited about his visit to Zehrs.

“She was the prettiest thing in aisle 7, let me tell you that!” said Bauman. “I just hope she goes to the right church…”

The young couple are planning a wedding for this Sunday and are expecting their firstborn early next year.

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