Mennonite Couple Accidentally Cancel Out Each Other’s Vote


The Hieberts stopped by at the polls during their lunch break today intent on doubling the power of their votes by casting their ballots for the same candidate.

“Normally we discuss this ahead of time and Johan just votes for whoever I tell him to,” said Mrs. Hiebert. “He doesn’t pay much attention to politics, but he sure knows what will happen if he votes the wrong way. No more Sunday afternoon naps for him!”

Only after the fact was it discovered that they’d voted for opposing candidates and thus “cancelled each other out.”

“I can’t figure out what happened. I mean we discussed it ahead of time,” said Mrs. Hiebert. “I made it very clear, ‘Whatever you do, don’t vote for the daumelskopp.’ And Johan agreed.”

Mr. Hiebert says his wife needs to be more explicit in her instructions from now on.

Diewel! It seems we have different definitions of daumelskopp,” said Mr. Hiebert. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get the hang of this voting thing.”

Mr. Hiebert says he plans to spoil his ballot and not vote for anyone next time to avoid any chance of voting for a daumelskopp.

(photo credit: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly/CC)

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