‘Free Vaccine’ Causes Quite the Quandary for Mennonite Man


Timmy Wiens of Winkler took a break from knacking zoat in front of the Co-op this weekend after learning the provincial government was going to be offering vaccines for everyone in the province.

“Oba. How much is this going to cost?” wondered Wiens. “I ain’t getting a vaccine unless I get a good discount.”

The decision was made a little easier for Wiens when he found out that not only is the government offering a discount, but the vaccine is now totally free.

“Oba jo! A free vaccine yet! What a bargain!” exclaimed Wiens. “I haven’t seen a deal like this since the great MCC bag sale of 2012!”

Despite the obviously good deal, Wiens was still a little skeptical.

“My body is a temple,” said Mr. Wiens. “I’m against putting any foreign substance into my body that isn’t schmaunt fat.”

In the end, Wiens decided to get the vaccine when he found out it was from a brand he had long relied on: Pfizer.

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