Winnipeg Man Hospitalized After Dangerous Fall from Jets’ Bandwagon


Area man Paul Kroeker, 51, was rushed to the hospital last night after a dangerous fall off the Winnipeg Jets’ bandwagon.

“Jets suck! Fire Hellebuyck! Jets suck!” yelled Kroeker, as paramedics loaded him onto the ambulance.

Just last week Kroeker was singing the praises of then-first place Jets from the roof of the official Jets’ bandwagon, but it took just a couple poorly played games at Kroeker had fallen right off completely.

“Thankfully, we were able to save his life,” said Dr. Peters, “but I am recommended that he steers clear of any bandwagons from now on.”

Like a good Mennonite, Kroeker disregarded the doctor’s medical advice and immediatedly chose a new team to cheer for.

“As soon as I get out of the hospital, I’m rooting for Toronto,” said Kroeker. “Ahh, this is great. I’m sure I’ll never slip off this lofty new bandwagon.”

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