Steinbach Man Confesses to Meeting His Wife at the Frantz Motor Inn


Area man Christopher Unrau admitted in a candid interview this week that he met his wife Crystal at the bar on the edge of town back in 1987.

“For years we kept this a secret,” said Unrau. “But it’s time for the truth to come out.”

The Frantz Motor Inn is just close enough to Steinbach that it can lure all the Mennonites, but also far enough away that the church elders can’t see who’s parked in the lot.

“It’s where Steinbachers have been having a few beers and meeting their future spouses for decades,” confessed Unrau. “Of course we tell everyone we met at Penner Foods.”

Other places people claim to meet spouses in the area include Steinbach Bible College, Southland College and Career, and volunteering making heart-shaped waffles at the MHV.

“Those are the stories we tell anyway,” said Unrau. “Really it’s always been the Frantz.”

The Unraus will be celebrating 36 years of marriage with a bucket of Coronas and a few games of pool this Thursday evening.

(photo credit: by bravenewtraveler/ CC)

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