Local Man Shocked to Discover that his “aM a zon ackount has bin sispendead”


Local man Ed Klassen, 69, of Sherwood Park, Alberta was absolutely flummoxed to discover that his “aM a zon” account had been disabled and desperately needed to be fixed “by logging in and giving us all your personal information.”

Waut de schissjat is this?” wondered Klassen, checking his email. “Wow. This looks serious and very credible. I guess I better do whatever amzon1239701962401735@gmail.com asks me to do.”

Klassen has also received similar emails about his PayPal and Netflix accounts.

Diewel! What is going on here?” said Klassen, quickly filling in his info despite explicit instructions from his granddaughter Bethany not to do so under any circumstances. “I don’t even have a Netflix or PayPal account. Oh, well, I guess it must be for real since how else could they be sending me this friendly email?”

Klassen is also really looking forward to boosting his immunity and virility once the products he just purchased arrive.

“I’m sure glad these friendly people with all the typos are looking out for me,” said Klassen.  “I mean, they’re almost as friendly as the wonderful folks calling me up all the time telling me I won a free cruise. ‘It’s your captain calling!’ What a lovely young chap.”

Klassen plans to do all his Christmas shopping this year on this amazing new website called www.amiz1n.deals.shopping.notascam.tv

(photo credit: Wonderlane/CC)

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