Local Mennonite Church Becomes First Ever to Make it All the Way Through ‘Der Friedensfürst’ Without Messing Up


The EMMBC church of Witmarsum, Brazil is in celebration tonight after becoming the first Mennonite church ever to successfully make it through the complex four-part harmonies of ‘Der Friedensfürst‘ without a single screw up.

“I can’t believe we did it,” said music director Mrs. Ens. “We’ve been singing this song every December for decades and someone always messes up. Usually a tenor.”

While the bass and tenor section were able to sing “Wunderbar, wunderbar!” with gusto, they often got all confused with the “Drum besingt den ruhm des herrn,” part.

“Plus you always have some man in the back start in on ‘hörst sie lieblich schallen.'” That throws everything off,” said Mrs. Ens. “I’ve been talking to the Pauls brothers for years. I even tried to get them to practice during the off-season, but to no avail.”

The successful flawless performance of ‘Der Friedensfürst‘ was recorded and broadcast on YouTube for Mennonites around the world to see.

“It’s truly a wonder to behold,” said Mrs. Toews of Lomo Plata. “If those Mennonites down in Witmarsum can pull it off, it gives hope for all of us.”

Despite the arduous challenge, more than three thousand Mennonite congregations will get trying to match the Witmarsum feat throughout the Christmas season.

(photo credit: Historyworks/CC)

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