Thousands of Floridians Flock to Saskatchewan for Warm Winter Vacation


Several charter flights were added to the schedule this week to accommodate all the Floridians fleeing to the warm climes of Saskatchewan.

“If you’re sick and tired of Florida in January, why not try Saskatchewan for a change,” said Saskatchewan tourism minister Barb Wall. “9 out of 10 retirees say they prefer Regina to Fort Lauderdale.”

Retired school teacher Bob Wiens, 84, says his knees have never felt better since he and Susan started wintering in Regina.

“I’ll admit it’s hot,” said Wiens of his Saskatchewan winter home. “But it’s a dry heat.”

Cities and towns across the province have quickly setup pickleball courts to accommodate the influx of seniors.

“And the Royal Regina Gold Club is booked solid. I’ve never seen anything like it … in January,” said Wiens. “This is what happens when your daytime highs top Florida.”

Although there is pressure to change the law, visitors should be reminded that it is still illegal to wear a bikini or swimming trucks in Saskatchewan between the months of September and June.

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