Missing Comma Causes Serious Concern for Mennonite Grandma


Oma Kehler of Winkler was very concerned for her safety after receiving a text from her grandchild Andy that said, “Lets eat Oma.”

“Oba, nay!” exclaimed Grandma Kehler. “Eating Oma? Just what will these kids think of next?”

Thankfully Grandma Kehler took the precautions of locking her doors and refusing entry to anyone under the age of thirty.

“Those grandkids are a hungry looking bunch, especially after knipsbrat,” said Grandma Kehler. “I think it’s best if we each have faspa in our own homes this week.”

Little Andy cannot figure out what has gotten into his grandma as she’s usually very eager to feed him.

“Ahh well I guess its Taco Bell for me,” texted Andy. “Come on lets eat Mom!”

All of young Andy’s relatives have been placed under police protection until he learns to punctuate his sentences correctly.

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