Mennonites Excited for New Plautdietsch Stickers Rather than the ‘Weltlijch’ English Ones


The one thing that was holding Mr. Hoeppner back from getting his Covid-19 vaccine was the fact he had to wear one of those weltlijch English stickers afterwards.

“Then I saw the Plautdietsch one and I thought, ‘here’s my chance!’” said Mr. Hoeppner. “Etj sie jaejaen Covid-19 jeimpft! Oba jo!”

Mr. Hoeppner and his buddies were seen proudly (or humbly) displaying their new stickers at the local coffee shop.

“When they offered me an Englisher one I said, ‘no, thanks, I’ll pass,'” said Mr. Hoeppner. “But this new sticker? Well, I’d have taken one for each arm if I’d been offered them!”


While this article is satire, the stickers themselves are real! Ask for yours today at your southern Manitoba vaccine supersite!

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