Long Lost Cousin Goes Up During Freiwilliges and Ruins the Whole Thing


When Grandma Enns passed away this week dozens of long lost cousins made an appearance at the Winkler MBEMC church. One such person was Peter Enns, 41, who hadn’t been seen in years but decided to talk for a couple hours during the open mic freiwilliges.

“I’m sure glad they had this freiwilliges because I have a lot to say about Grandma Epp, I mean Enns,” said Peter. “Oh, let me tell you a few stories. You see, when I was young, Grandma used to take me behind the barn and…”

Peter went on so long that the other cousins ran out of sugar cubes for their coffee. Eventually cousin Dietrich went up and tried to put an end to things.

“Alright, well, let’s let someone else have a chance here. Thank you very much there, Peter,” said Dietrich. “We all appreciate your stories about the cash-and-carry bucket.”

Not a single cousin could even remember this so-called relative, but all were in rapt attention during his entire two-hour long freiwilliges session.

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