Local Man Peter Penner Picks a Peck of Pickled Peppers


Pastor Peter Penner of Pansy has been pruning his peppers and is now prepared to pick a peck of them.

“It’s not often you pick a peck of peppers and they’re pre-pickled,” said Penner. “Peculiar.”

Peter Penner noted that his pal Pete Peters had also pondered picking peppers, but perhaps Pete Peters preferred to pick pickled peppers with Pat Plett instead.

“Previously, I’d picked many a pepper with Penner,” proclaimed Peters. “In Paraguay, we’d pickle peppers in parsley and Pepsi, but I promised peaceful Pat Plett to pack them in Port like the pagans prefer.”

So, precisely how many pickled peppers did passionate Pete Penner pick?

“I piled a pail of them, practically. They’re prachtfoll,” piped Peter Penner, practicing Plautdietch. “It’s a pair of pecks to a pail, so plenty.”

(Photo Credit: by clarencecromwell/CC)

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