Children Terrified as Puppets Launch into Fiery ‘Hell and Damnation’ Sermon


Children attending a Daily Vacation Bible School this summer at East Wichita Mennonite were left in complete shambles after a seemingly innocent puppet show took a turn for the dark side. Instead of providing the kids with humorous little stories about obeying your parents and making your bed in the morning, the puppets immediately launched into a fire and brimstone sermon that would put a Baptist preacher to shame.

“The puppets introduced themselves as ‘Chuckles and Chester’ and then suddenly they were conjuring up images of a fiery lake of burning sulphur,” said a local mom. “Chester, in particular, really got into it, screaming and wailing and even demonstrating for the kids how to gnash your teeth.”

Chuckles and Chester then lambasted the audience of tots as vile sinners, before parents in attendance began to pull their crying children from the building, while Chester shouted ‘heathen!’ and ‘hell fire!’ at them as they made their escape.

“That Chester needs to learn a thing or two about how to talk to children,” said Mrs. Janzen. “He could at least tell a joke or talk in a silly voice or something. Plus, I think his theology is way off, too.”

Chuckles and Chester are touring Mennonite church basements across the region this fall, culminating with a huge tent revival meeting in Omaha on October 15, after which time Chester is planning to run for the GOP in the midterms.

(photo credit: Amy Claxton/CC)

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