Passport Now Required to Visit Jantsied


Authorities at the border crossing in Rosenort have just announced that starting next month Mennonites will be required to show a valid passport when entering Jantsied. The announcement was met with fierce opposition from Ditsieders.

“For years we could just cross back and forth without any trouble and now they want us to show a passport yet! Outrageous!” said Mr. Friesen of Ditsied. “Typical Scratching River folks, always sticking their noses where they don’t belong!”

The new law is a concern to local businesses who fear that it may curb some cross-border shopping.

“Oba, half the people coming to buy knackzoat are coming from the other side,” said Mr. Dueck. “And now they need a passport? Naver!”

The new requirement, however, has garnered support from a wide range of church elders and oberschultzes in the region.

“It’s good to keep tabs on people,” said Elder Siemens. “I’ll be checking those passport stamps very closely. I better not see any stamps for Morden!”

It’s not yet known whether a passport will be required for Vanapag visits or whether congregations will enact an all-out ban on visiting the city without express written consent of church authorities.

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