Mennonite Woman Stocks Up on Discount Candy for Next Year


Mrs. Leanne Koop of Swift Current was first in line at her local Shoppers Drug Mart this morning to buy all the rejected candy that wasn’t purchased yesterday.

“It looks like it’s going to be a lot of Big Turk and Eat-More bars for the kids next year,” said Koop. “Ahh, you know, a little age will only improve the flavour.”

Koop says she relishes the opportunity to disappoint the kiddos every year.

“I mean, I usually try to toss it in the bag real quick before they can check the expiration date,” said Koop. “Besides, by the time it mixes in there with all the other candy, they won’t even remember where it came from.”

Koop says the day after Halloween is her favourite day of the year.

“Next to the day after Christmas that is,” said Koop. “That’s when I buy all my Mandarin oranges for the next year.”

(photo credit: Alexa LaSpisa/CC)

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