McFarmer Sausage Returns to McDonalds After 10-year Hiatus


There were lineups at McDonalds locations across the country this week, as the beloved McFarmer Sausage burger has finally returned.

“It’s a boneless pork sandwich just like my Onkel Corny used to make,” said Andrea Koop of North Kildonan. “I know these are only on the menu for a limited time so I’m coming here every day.”

The McFarmer Sausage, of McFormavorscht if you prefer, is on sale now until the beginning of summer.

“Then it gets replaced with the McRoll Kuchen and Watermelon,” said Koop. “Or maybe even the McPapsi and Ravel.”

Koop says she’s already eaten more than a dozen McFarmer Sausages and just can’t get enough.

“I’m just hoping that someday somewhere they’ll finally make a McVereniki and Schmaunt Fat.”

McDonald’s says they aren’t about to offer vereniki on the menu as it’s just too much work to make them.

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