World’s Most War Hungry Nation Suddenly Against War Now that Trump’s Doing It


Local man and staunch Democrat, Mr. Kliewer, has taken what he considers to be a highly principled stance against Trump’s imminent war with Iran.

“What on Earth is Trump doing! This war with Iran is totally unnecessary,” said Kliewer. “I think we should only use our military if it’s absolutely necessary!”

Kliewer claims that his country is a primarily a peaceful nation and this conflict in Iran is highly irregular.

“I’ve never seen a President do such a thing in my life!” exclaimed Kliewer. “I mean, oh sure, there was The Revolutionary War, Cherokee-American Wars, Northwest Indian War, Shays’ Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion, Quasi-War, Fries Rebellion, First Barbary War, 1811 German Coast Uprising, Tecumseh’s War, War of 1812, Creek War, Second Barbary War, First Seminole War, Texas-Indian Wars, Arikara War, Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy Operations, Winnebago War, First Sumatran Expedition, Black Hawk War, Texas Revolution, Second Seminole War, Second Sumatran Expedition, Aroostook War, Ivory Coast Expedition, Mexican-American War, Cayuse War, Apache Wars, Bleeding Kansas, Puget Sound War, First Fiji Expedition, Rogue River Wars, Third Seminole Wars, Yakima War, Second Opium War, Utah War, Navajo Wars, Second Fiji Expedition, Harpers Ferry, First Cortina War, Second Cortina War, Paiute War, American Civil War, Yavapai Wars, Dakota Wars of 1862, Colorado War, Shimonoseki War, Snake War, Power River War, Red Cloud’s War, Formosa Expedition, Comanche Campaign, Korea Expedition, Modoc War, Red River War, Las Cuevas War, Great Sioux War of 1876, Buffalo Hunters’ War, Nez Perce War, Bannock War, Cheyenne War, Sheepeater Indian War, White River War, Pine Ridge Campaign, Garza Revolution, Yaqui Wars, Second Samoan Civil War, Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War, Moro Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion, Crazy Snake Rebellion, Border War, War of 1912, Occupation of Nicaragua, Bluff War, Occupation of Veracruz, Occupation of Haiti, Occupation of Dominican Republic, World War I, Russian Civil War, Last Indian Uprising, World War II, Korean War, Laotian Civil War, Lebanon Crisis, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Simba Rebellion, Vietnam War, Communist Insurgency in Thailand, Korean DMZ Conflict, Dominican Civil War, Insurgency in Bolivia, Cambodian Civil War, War in South Zaire, Gulf of Sidra Encounter, Multinational Intervention in Lebanon, Invasion of Grenada, Action in the Gulf of Sidra, Bombing of Libya, Tanker War, Tobruk Encounter, Invasion of Panama, Gulf War, Iraqi No-Fly Zone Enforcement Operations, First U.S. Intervention in the Somali Civil War, Bosnian War, Intervention in Haiti, Kosovo War, Operation Infinite Reach, War in Afghanistan, 2003 Invasion of Iraq, Iraq War, War in North-West Pakistan, Second U.S. Intervention in the Somali Civil War, Operation Ocean Shield, International Intervention in Libya, Operation Observant Compass, American-led Intervention in Iraq, American-led Intervention in Syria, Yemeni Civil War, and the American Intervention in Libya, but those were the exception to the rule. This new war is totally unprecedented!”

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